Parallel windings of warp ends from many bobbins on a warp beam


Process of applying a protective coating upon yarn surface


Method of Textile production through two distinct set of yarns


We specialize in Fibreglass Solutions

Montex Glass Fibre Industries Pvt. Ltd is one of the largest enterprise in the fibre glass industries and has been expanding into a conglomerate since 1972. It has positioned itself as the best solution provider for the various insulation needs that cater to industries such as HVAC, Electronics, Automotives, Electrical, Mica insulation and Construction.

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Weaver since 1972.

THICKNESSThickness from 0.030 to 0.80 mm

GSMGSM from 24 to 1000

WIDTHWidth upto 2000 mm

FINISHCustomised as per your demand