"Varied range of applications"


Montex manufactures fabrics that have high twist yarns that control strand diameters and resist flattening or distortion under pressure. Then these fabrics are coated with SGT coating to give it acidic, chemical resistance. This fabric is stitched into a bag and later installed in the baghouse.

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Automotive Industry is one of the constantly growing sector in the world of Science and Technology. Fibre Glass is extensively used in this industry since 1944 with constant improvements. Some of our features include:

1. We provide controlled fabric properties like light weight, corrosion resistance , tensile strength anti-slip due to which are the main properties required for implementation of Fibre Glass in this Industry
2. Fibreglass parts made out of our fabrics are used in door panels and roof tops
3. Our GFC delivers thermal and electrical insulation, Fire retardancy, noise vibration and harness control in automobiles

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HVAC Industry

The facing fabrics used by Montex induce acoustic comfort with Aluminum foil laminated Fibreglass fabric is pasted with Glasswool and rockwool foam with the help of polyethylene. The uses are as follows:

1. Rooftops, ceilings, walls and floor of shopping malls and commercial complexes
2. Air Conditioning ducting and piping in airports

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A combination of light weight and enhanced strength to carry heavy loads like glass fabrics always finds its place in the Aerospace Industry. Special reinforcements of weaving, roving and yarn are incorporated in these fabrics. Some interesting applications found in aerospace field are:

1. Helicopter rotor blades
2. Overhead storage bins
3. Aircraft Toilets
4. Flight deck armor, seats and floors
5. Helicopter armor, seats and floors
6. Stealth technology in military aircrafts

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This industry has a vast range of applications in almost all the manufacturing sectors. Our insulation properties tackle thermal, electrical ,crack etc. in each and every business sector. Fibreglass is a natural thermal insulator as it a bad conductor of heat. It is a rationally best base material for thermal insulation. The uses include:

1. Cable tapes wrapped with fire retardant and halogen free coating for ecosystem balance and thermal insulation
2. Electric motor and transformers used in marine, defence and railways
3. Acoustic insulation finds its place in HVAC industry

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Glass Fabrics exhibit phenomenal properties like corrosion resistance, dimensional stability with thermal and electrical insulation. At Montex, our glass fabrics are incorporated in Circuit boards with E-glass yarns layered with a variety of resins. It has electrical applications in various electronic systems such as:

1. Telephones
2. Computers and Laptops
3. Stereo systems
4. Digital Cameras

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Glass Fibre reinforced plastics are used in the Construction Industry ranging from various components. Our specialized Mesh fabrics render it impossible for any kind of damage while also strengthening the constructed structure with its special coatings. The applications are:

1. Mortars and plasters with alkali resistance coating for thermal insulation
2. Floor Construction and crack insulation
3. Mesh provides waterproofing for rooftops as its cell size can absorb waterproofing chemicals evenly
4. Marble reinforcement by preventing damage and inducing crack insulation
5. Carpets by using different binder for same mesh
6. The Fibreglass fabric in walls and attics can keep you warm in the winter, and cool in the summer
7. Lightweight Fibreglass is used in colored cement for painting purposes which makes the paint spread out evenly on the surfaces

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PTFE Conveyor Belt

One of the integral part of any manufacturing industry are the conveyor belts. Our woven Fibreglass are coated with PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) which give it a non-sticky surface and heat resistant smooth finish. The unique dimensional stability and strength provided by Montex Fibreglass with PTFE coating produces a product of practical utility ideal for conveyor belts.

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Over more than 70% of the Ships and outboard pleasure boards use Fibreglass. Our special fabric gives the ship the high durability and prevention from corrosion. The waterproofing ability of the Fibreglass proves effective in prevention from any kind of water logging. Its uses are:

1. Small Motorcrafts
2. Water Sports
3. Ski-boats
4. Sailboats
5. Commercial and Military hulls, deck and liners
6. Hovercrafts and submersibles

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Sports equipments are most prone to everyday wear and tear, which also require a certain sturdiness along with a soft overlay for a better performance. What else can be better than the Fibreglass exhibiting High strength , Corrosion resistance and are lightweight. The sports like Basketball, Tennis, Badminton, Hockey, Rugby, Roller skating .etc require equipments that inculcate glass fibre layers. Some uses include:

1. Tennis and Badminton rackets
2. Hockey Sticks
3. Backboard of basketball hooks
4. Roller skate pads and attachments
5. Helmets
6. Water sport equipments

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