We are the largest Fibre Glass fabric producing company from India

Montex Glass Fibre Industries Pvt. Ltd is one of the largest enterprise in the fibre glass industries and has been expanding into a conglomerate since 1972. Through our efforts and consistency, Montex has managed to establish itself as one of the leading glass fibre manufacturers globally. Starting as a small plant in Dombiwali of Thane District, it has expanded its base over to Mumbai and Nashik and has been serving customers from Asia to Europe, Middle East and Africa.

It has positioned itself as the best solution provider for the various insulation needs that cater to industries such as HVAC, Electronics, Automotives, Electrical, Mica insulation, and Construction. By capitalising on its strong R & D Culture, it thrives on providing quality products facilitated by quick service to the customers at affordable prices. It continues to expand into untapped markets and adapt with continuous improvement processes.

Why choose Us?

Why choose Us

Our Strong R & D culture innovates constant enhancements in the product. An inhouse team to provide with efficient technical support. The agile working methods ensure quick service to our customers.

Why choose Us?

Our Mission

"We will achieve excellence through managerial effectiveness to ensure the fulfillment of our core values."

Why choose Us?

What we Do

To become the preferred manufacturing company for the Glass Fibre industry providing world class products to satisfied customers through continual improvement driven by integrity, team work & creativity of our people.

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